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Black Calla Lilies

Top 22 most beautiful Black Calla Lilies

The tropical perennial Calla Lilies, or Zantedeschia, are known for their stunning blooms and large spathes in bright colors. But did you know there are also several Black colored varieties? Black Calla Lilies are extremely rare, and needless to say, absolutely striking.

Of course, their color isn’t purely black. They are usually a very deep and dark shade of burgundy or purple. In our exclusive 2022 collection, you will find the beautiful Calla Lily Odessa with an abyss-dark aubergine colored spathe and deep green, glossy leaves. Also in stock, we have the ever so breathtaking Calla Lily Captain La Paz, in a glossy deep purple that appears almost pitch black against bright green foliage.

Black Calla Lilies can have a symbolic meaning, as most flowers do. Often eluding mystery and grace, much like the more common white lily, their dark color and shape can also pay homage to lust and decadence. Beyond that, Black Callas can also be used as signifiers of more negative emotions, such as grief.

Beyond our current collection, here lots more Black Calla Lily varieties that have been cultivated over the years.


1.      Odessa

Odessa has an abyss-dark aubergine colored spathe and deep green, glossy leaves. We offer the Calla Lily Odessa variety for spring shipping!


2.     Captain La Paz

A glossy deep purple that appears almost pitch black against bright green foliage. We offer the Calla Lily La Paz variety for spring shipping!

3.      Hot Chocolate

A deep, chocolate burgundy bloom. One of the most popular cultivars. The coolest thing of Calla Lily Hot Chocolate: The stems are even dark!

Calla Lily Hot Chocolate

Calla Lilies Hot Chocolate

4.      Black Hero

A deep, dark aubergine black spathe. Gorgeous and glossy. Produces 4-15 inflorescences per tuber. ‘Black Hero’ is a product of a planned breeding program. The breeding program for calla lily Black Hero began in 1989. ‘Black Hero’ was selected in 2007 by the inventor in 't Zand, The Netherlands

Calla Lily Black Hero

5.      Night Club

‘Night Club’ is a new variety of calla lily plant having purple colored spathes that have a trumpet shape. The flower stems are strong and long lasting. The leaves are green with no maculations present. Inventor: Peter Beckman

Calla Lily Nightclub

6.      Captain Escape

A very rare variety of the already rare Black Callas, with completely pitch black spathes. These are not a dark shade of maroon or purple. They are just black, and the color does not fade at all throughout its blooming lifespan.

Calla Lily Captain Escape

7.      Black Forest

A Gold Medal winner and a long time favorite! This is a deep burgundy spathe with pitch black highlights. Black Forest is also called 'Schwarzwalder' the German translation for Black Forest. Even though many vendors will offer it as a pure black calla lily, we would describe the Calla Lily Black Forest as near black maroon/purple. In bright daylight the flowers appear more maroon than black.

Schwarzwalder was originated in 1990 by the inventor Jaap. P. Spaans in 't Zand, The Netherlands.

Calla Lily Black Forest

8.      Dubai Nights

These beauties are a dark purple, very close to black, with a soft white edge. ‘Dubai Nights’ is a calla lily plant having purple colored spathes that produces 9-13 inflorescences per 14-16 cm tuber. The flower stems are about 14-20" in height. The leaves are green with many whitish spots and have a leathery texture. ‘Dubai Nights’ was selected in 2011 by the inventor in 't Zand, The Netherlands.

Zantedeschia ‘Dubai Nights’ was displayed at the RHS Chelsea Flower Show as Plant of the Year Stand in 2017.

Calla Lily Dubai Nights

9.      Captain Palermo

A really dark, almost chocolatey shade of aubergine purple. Glossy and luxurious. Up to 24" tall.

Calla Lily Captain Palermo

10.  Black Art

Aptly named, this Calla Lily has a deep, lusty dark red shade that turns black from the inside. Calla Lily Black Art is short and only grows up to 12-16" so very well suited for pots.

Calla Lily Black Art

11.  Black Panther

A captivating, rich velvety black red spathe on bright green foliage. Calla Lily Black Panther is unlikely to be offered anytime soon.

Calla Lily Black Panther

12.  Sweet Panther

Extremely dark red black spathes, against large dark green leaves with red stems.

Calla Lily Sweet Panther

13.  Starry Night

Calla Starry Night is an improved form of Black Star, having a much stronger growth habit. It has reasonably sized completely black flowers with a black stem. The leaves are a very dark green with a black/purple margin and black coloring to the reverse of the leaf. 

Calla Lily Starry Night

14.  Montevideo

An alluring deep purple black shade, with a glossy shine. Calla Lily Montevideo is a short growing variety, 12-15" tall. Montevideo was the outcome of a breeding program in 2007. Patent: US201562125226P

Calla Lily Montevideo

15.  Memories

A dark plant all around, with black spathes and deep purple foliage. This calla is kind of dark and mysterious! 

Calla Lilies Memories

Calla Lily Bulbs Memories

16.  Sweet Chocolate

A smooth, chocolate black spathe. Light green foliage and large leaves. 14-18".

Calla Sweet chocolate

17.  Jewel of Night

A glossy, dark burgundy black spathe.

Calla Lily Jewel of the Night

18.  Drenthe

Deep red spathes with black highlights standing out against large, bright green leaves and foliage. Speckled leaves.

Calla Lily Drenthe

19.  Captain Beretta

Striking black flowers with aubergine undertones.

Calla Lilies Captain Baretta

Calla Lily Baretta


20.  Captain Carrera

A glossy spathe, in a very dark purple black shade.

 Calla Lily Captain Carrera

21.  Eclipse

Deep, dark purple black spathes. Glossy and visually striking.

Black Calla Lilies Eclipse

22.  Cantor

Calla Lily Cantor is often easily available on the market for home gardeners and a consistent variety for the yard.

 Calla Lily Cantor

Calla Lilies can grow between 18 and 40 inches tall, and usually bloom in early summer. If you happen to have Black Calla Lilies in the garden, make sure to dig up the rhizomes after they have finished flowering, before the first frost. You can then over-winter them indoors, protecting them from frost damage and thus prolonging the lifespan of these extremely rare perennials.