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Calla Lillies

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The Story


Strangely enough, grew out of a passion for horticulture. Our founders began back in 2001 by sourcing the finest calla lily tubers from Dutch, New Zealand and US growers and providing the technical knowledege needed to produce a field of beautiful and abundent calla lilies. Business soon started 'blooming'.


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As the growers became more proficient in producing showy, gorgeous calla lilies in an ever-expanding array of new varieties and colors, the more the calla lily grew in popularity as a flower.

We soon became innundated by requests from calla lily enthusiasts, brides who craved calla lilies as their wedding flowers, boyfriends who wanted to gift their girlfriends with the favorite flowers.

They all wanted the freshest and the best calla lily flowers that they could find.

Coincidentally, we DID know some pretty good calla lily flower growers!

It was only a matter of time before it started to make sense to sell fresh calla lily flowers too.

Instead of going the traditional route of bringing flowers to the floral market, to the wholesalers' warehouse to the floral store (and taking up valuable freshness days and increasing handling and cost), we were able to ship our flowers directly from the growers' fields to our customers' doorsteps.

So when we offer the largest selection of the most beautiful calla lilies available, and at a great price too, its because at we really know our callas...right down to the tubers that they grew from.

From all of us here at,

Enjoy your fresh flowers!